Haggai 1 – Always Put The Lord First

Well, it took me a while to get back to this… What can I say? Lots be happening, y’all. :/

Solomon’s Temple; image from LDS.org

So, I’ll just cut to the chase today. I had the best scripture session I’ve had in, I dunno…weeks? Months? It’s been a scriptural winter for me. Not a spiritual winter, but the things I’ve learned otherwise are too sacred to post on here…so let’s just keep it kosher and stick to the scriptures, shall we? ^^;

I’m also excited because I am SO CLOSE to finishing my highlighter quest! Almost 4 years ago, when my beloved first got me my scripture-quad, I embarked on a quest to color-code every verse of every book with highlighters. And now, I’m finally in Haggai of the Old Testament. Right toward the very very end. So close, y’all! So close!!!

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Finding Balance Between Our God-Given Callings

Well, here’s to another hot, scorching day in Canada. LOL Granted, this is nothing compared to Texas – you can’t argue with that humidity. But wow, I never thought it’d be so toasty. Makes for some gorgeous summer days. 🙂

So, I was going to write about my scripture studies, but just a few minutes before I started this, I read a church blog posting on the front page of LDS.org. So glad I did. It’s called “When You’re Already Tired And Can’t Do One More Thing.”

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I’M BACK!!! :D

After a multi-month hiatus, I am back from the dead! Yay! 😀 It’s been a wild time for me. Absolutely wild. I started work at Apple, then 6 months later ended up dropping everything and crossing the northern border on divine guidance. I’m finally with my beloved, Andrew, and as of June 24, we were married and sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. ❤

It’s been a blessed time, but also a very hard one. Transitioning to a whole new country has not been as easy as I thought it’d be, heh. Paperwork sucks, and there’s always something more that needs to be done. I wasn’t even able to blog until now because of it all. Thank goodness things are finally slowing down.

Still, I’m back in town, so let’s start off with a fun note from 1 Nephi 7.  This is the chapter where Nephi’s brothers, after getting Ishmael’s daughters to join the crew, suddenly decide “You know what? Never mind! We don’t wanna leave Jerusalem after all!” And Nephi gets understandably flustered. During this, he asks them, “How have you forgotten what God has already done for you?”

Boy, have I needed that lately. Don’t forget what God has done for you. I’m taking a huge leap here. I literally did something I would’ve considered unthinkable just 5 years ago: I left the US and moved to Canada. My hubby’s a Canadian, and frankly, I was hoping to bring him over, not vice versa. But after doing lots of research and even more praying, it became abundantly clear that we’ll have far more advantages living up in snow-land.


So it’s been tough. I’m getting used to a different climate, different culture, a place where I can’t find my way around, can’t drive myself (car insurance sucks!), and on top of all that, I’m taking a huge gamble that the paperwork will be done before my visa runs out and the border grumps come to toss me back to Texas.

Been a lot of trusting God lately, that’s for sure.

But by the end of the day, I know I have a bright future to look forward to. For all the difficulties of this transition, I’m finally with my beloved. Almost 6 years after we met, and frankly, I knew I wanted to marry him for 5. Would it have been too soon? Oh, of course. But the wait still sucked. And it’s finally over. So…I can deal with the rest.

Now I just hafta get used to his pet dogs. LOL #catperson

The Savior’s Humanity

Mark 5 shows a curious trait about Jesus’s status as a mortal. Being the son of God, he had incredible power to heal and do all sorts of awesome things. However, it’s clear from this chapter that he didn’t have that power on his own. When the woman with an issue of blood touched him, there was nothing voluntary about that healing. By her faith, divine power passed through him, and she was healed without him doing the normal healing stuff. In 2 Nephi 21, this is clarified further; it says the Messiah will not judge after his own eyes or ears. All his power, authority, and wisdom come from Heavenly Father; he just had full access to it on Earth. He never really used his own power; just like us, he used and depended on Heavenly Father’s power in everything. Thus he was truly human, but also truly God’s son.

God Always Keeps His Promises

This last week has been crazy. The level of divine intervention that’s taken place has been downright phenomenal. The job I thought I’d lost suddenly revived itself, and I’ll finally be able to work soon. Plans for the wedding have been going well, and although much has changed from our original plans, it’s changed for the better. This has been one of those deeply humbling weeks in which I’ve remembered that nothing can stop God’s plans. When he makes a promise to us, he keeps it. And even if Andrew and I have to wait a bit longer, God promised we will be together. He really is all knowing and all powerful. No one can outsmart him. It’s been a great blessing to remember that. Now, with that said and done, I’ve got a wedding to plan. ♥️

Matthew 26 – What Can’t Be Forgiven?

Today’s reading brought an interesting realization. In Matthew 26, we get that very depressing scene where Peter claims he doesn’t know Jesus, only to remember Jesus told him he’d do that. Talk about a heartbreaking moment for him. I don’t think anyone can argue that Peter didn’t love Jesus. It was just a moment where fear won over him.
I’ve wondered sometimes why this didn’t cost Peter eternally. We know about the unforgivable sin, after all. And it’s to blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Wouldn’t denying Christ count if you knew him personally? But it actually makes sense. Cuz Peter never claimed Jesus was a fraud or anything. Unlike the Pharisees. 
So he wasn’t denying his testimony or anything. His crime was against Jesus himself – and as Jesus said, all manner of sins against the Son of Man shall be forgiven. Just not against the Holy Ghost. After all, Peter never once doubted or denied that Jesus was the foretold Messiah. He just panicked and said stuff he didn’t mean. Just goes to show you how forgiving the Lord really is, am I right?

Jeremiah 39 – Even When It All Comes Down

Jeremiah is a kinda depressing book overall. Jeremiah was basically the last prophet to warn Jerusalem of its impending doom, but the Jews were so set on their idols, they ignored him until finally, boom. Babylon shows up in chapter 39. Surprise, surprise. When you ignore God, it never goes well. 

That being said, Jeremiah was still affected by their poor choices, cuz all of Jerusalem was. Still, the Lord promised him that, because he was faithful (unlike everyone else), he would be preserved. God watches out for his faithful children; this is a fact. Even when all hell breaks loose, and when society itself has crumbled around you, God will protect you. It’s good to be reminded of that in this day and age, am I right?