Matthew 26 – What Can’t Be Forgiven?

Today’s reading brought an interesting realization. In Matthew 26, we get that very depressing scene where Peter claims he doesn’t know Jesus, only to remember Jesus told him he’d do that. Talk about a heartbreaking moment for him. I don’t think anyone can argue that Peter didn’t love Jesus. It was just a moment where fear won over him.
I’ve wondered sometimes why this didn’t cost Peter eternally. We know about the unforgivable sin, after all. And it’s to blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Wouldn’t denying Christ count if you knew him personally? But it actually makes sense. Cuz Peter never claimed Jesus was a fraud or anything. Unlike the Pharisees. 
So he wasn’t denying his testimony or anything. His crime was against Jesus himself – and as Jesus said, all manner of sins against the Son of Man shall be forgiven. Just not against the Holy Ghost. After all, Peter never once doubted or denied that Jesus was the foretold Messiah. He just panicked and said stuff he didn’t mean. Just goes to show you how forgiving the Lord really is, am I right?


Author: dailydoseofscriptureblog

Just a humble LDS Christian who likes to blog about my scripture discoveries. And whatever else comes to mind. I've seen and learned a lot in the short time I've lived; this blog lets me share that with you. I hope you take something special from it.

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