The Savior’s Humanity

Mark 5 shows a curious trait about Jesus’s status as a mortal. Being the son of God, he had incredible power to heal and do all sorts of awesome things. However, it’s clear from this chapter that he didn’t have that power on his own. When the woman with an issue of blood touched him, there was nothing voluntary about that healing. By her faith, divine power passed through him, and she was healed without him doing the normal healing stuff. In 2 Nephi 21, this is clarified further; it says the Messiah will not judge after his own eyes or ears. All his power, authority, and wisdom come from Heavenly Father; he just had full access to it on Earth. He never really used his own power; just like us, he used and depended on Heavenly Father’s power in everything. Thus he was truly human, but also truly God’s son.


Author: dailydoseofscriptureblog

Just a humble LDS Christian who likes to blog about my scripture discoveries. And whatever else comes to mind. I've seen and learned a lot in the short time I've lived; this blog lets me share that with you. I hope you take something special from it.

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