I’M BACK!!! :D

After a multi-month hiatus, I am back from the dead! Yay! 😀 It’s been a wild time for me. Absolutely wild. I started work at Apple, then 6 months later ended up dropping everything and crossing the northern border on divine guidance. I’m finally with my beloved, Andrew, and as of June 24, we were married and sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. ❤

It’s been a blessed time, but also a very hard one. Transitioning to a whole new country has not been as easy as I thought it’d be, heh. Paperwork sucks, and there’s always something more that needs to be done. I wasn’t even able to blog until now because of it all. Thank goodness things are finally slowing down.

Still, I’m back in town, so let’s start off with a fun note from 1 Nephi 7.  This is the chapter where Nephi’s brothers, after getting Ishmael’s daughters to join the crew, suddenly decide “You know what? Never mind! We don’t wanna leave Jerusalem after all!” And Nephi gets understandably flustered. During this, he asks them, “How have you forgotten what God has already done for you?”

Boy, have I needed that lately. Don’t forget what God has done for you. I’m taking a huge leap here. I literally did something I would’ve considered unthinkable just 5 years ago: I left the US and moved to Canada. My hubby’s a Canadian, and frankly, I was hoping to bring him over, not vice versa. But after doing lots of research and even more praying, it became abundantly clear that we’ll have far more advantages living up in snow-land.


So it’s been tough. I’m getting used to a different climate, different culture, a place where I can’t find my way around, can’t drive myself (car insurance sucks!), and on top of all that, I’m taking a huge gamble that the paperwork will be done before my visa runs out and the border grumps come to toss me back to Texas.

Been a lot of trusting God lately, that’s for sure.

But by the end of the day, I know I have a bright future to look forward to. For all the difficulties of this transition, I’m finally with my beloved. Almost 6 years after we met, and frankly, I knew I wanted to marry him for 5. Would it have been too soon? Oh, of course. But the wait still sucked. And it’s finally over. So…I can deal with the rest.

Now I just hafta get used to his pet dogs. LOL #catperson


Author: dailydoseofscriptureblog

Just a humble LDS Christian who likes to blog about my scripture discoveries. And whatever else comes to mind. I've seen and learned a lot in the short time I've lived; this blog lets me share that with you. I hope you take something special from it.

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