Finding Balance Between Our God-Given Callings

Well, here’s to another hot, scorching day in Canada. LOL Granted, this is nothing compared to Texas – you can’t argue with that humidity. But wow, I never thought it’d be so toasty. Makes for some gorgeous summer days. 🙂

So, I was going to write about my scripture studies, but just a few minutes before I started this, I read a church blog posting on the front page of So glad I did. It’s called “When You’re Already Tired And Can’t Do One More Thing.”

If you haven’t checked it out yet, by all means, go for it. It took me like, 5 minutes to read. But it was definitely what I needed this morning. The whole thing was summarized beautifully in 3 paragraphs, so I’ll just include them below:

“When you are with people, remember they are each filled with troubles. Lift them to a higher plane. People come to be lifted. Build. Bring comfort from the Spirit. Don’t bring new programs or duties. People need lifting. 

“Remember to keep your own kingdom intact. This is your first stewardship—mother and father, brothers and sisters, children, husband, friends. These are eternal and they are given to you first. 

“When you can’t give more, when you’ve gone beyond your ability to give, then sit still. Call on the Holy Ghost and angels to come to you. Be still and get full.”

This echoes a message my husband and I received from the Spirit yesterday. In making our marriage work, both of us have been working hard – so hard that we can go for long periods of time without talking much. Seems normal enough when you’re both artists/writers. But I started wondering if we were balancing things well, so we decided to pray together on it.

Praying with my husband has been a mystifying thing. Now I better understand what Heavenly Father meant that the priesthood powers of husband and wife are joined in one. Regardless of who says the prayer, we both receive our answers together. However, he only gets half of the full answer. I get the other half. It’s a fascinating Yin-Yang thing that I’ve felt very blessed to share with him.

Regardless, we both received our answer. No matter what big plans God wants us to work towards, he wants us to prioritize each other over all that. I thought it was good that we were working hard to complete it all, and so did Andrew. But as I read that quote, I felt that, even if we’re “stuck in neutral” a little longer, it’ll be fine. We have each other, and we don’t need to rush towards the other stuff. It’ll come on its own. And the things we’ve been promised are truly beautiful. I think I can wait for that harvest to bloom. 🙂Gray_Text_Divider_Thanks for reading, y’all. If you liked this post, go ahead and hit that little Star button so I know you liked it 😉 And if you have anything to share about balancing your own life out, all advice is welcome! Go ahead and share it in the comments below! And thanks again for waiting the near-year it took me to get back to blogging. Hopefully I’ll be back for real this time! 😀


Author: dailydoseofscriptureblog

Just a humble LDS Christian who likes to blog about my scripture discoveries. And whatever else comes to mind. I've seen and learned a lot in the short time I've lived; this blog lets me share that with you. I hope you take something special from it.

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