Haggai 1 – Always Put The Lord First

Well, it took me a while to get back to this… What can I say? Lots be happening, y’all. :/

Solomon’s Temple; image from LDS.org

So, I’ll just cut to the chase today. I had the best scripture session I’ve had in, I dunno…weeks? Months? It’s been a scriptural winter for me. Not a spiritual winter, but the things I’ve learned otherwise are too sacred to post on here…so let’s just keep it kosher and stick to the scriptures, shall we? ^^;

I’m also excited because I am SO CLOSE to finishing my highlighter quest! Almost 4 years ago, when my beloved first got me my scripture-quad, I embarked on a quest to color-code every verse of every book with highlighters. And now, I’m finally in Haggai of the Old Testament. Right toward the very very end. So close, y’all! So close!!!

Anyway. Haggai 1 is an interesting chapter. A little background: The prophet Haggai is telling the Jews they need to rebuild the doggone temple that got destroyed. They’ve finally gotten back their homeland, as was prophesied, after escaping from Babylon. Yet they’ve been so busy rebuilding their lives that none of them thought to work on that doggone temple. To which Haggai says, what gives?

The chapter explains that because the people have, in essence, left God’s house in shambles while rebuilding their own, they haven’t prospered in anything. Their crops don’t grow, famine and drought are the norm, and they’re struggling badly. So Haggai tells them that they need to get working on that doggone temple. XD

The simple message I took from this is that God always expects us to put him first. The Jews should not have left the temple – the Lord’s house – in desolation while trying to fix their own lives first. Had they focused on that temple, and bringing it back to its former glorious state, they’d have had the Lord’s blessings in all they do. God expects us to put him first, because that’s the only way he can bless us.

…Besides, if I were in God’s shoes, I’d be cranked too. My house gets trashed and none of my friends care to help me fix it? Shaaaaaaame.Gray_Text_Divider_

Thanks for reading, y’all. If you liked this, let me know by hitting that little star up above 😉 And more importantly, if you have anything you’d like to add, leave it in the comments below! I don’t write this blog so I can show off what I know. I want to hear what you have to say! It helps us all learn from each other. Meanwhile, keep up your studies everyone. There’s no end to the secrets within the scriptures. ^^


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