Finding Balance Between Our God-Given Callings

Well, here’s to another hot, scorching day in Canada. LOL Granted, this is nothing compared to Texas – you can’t argue with that humidity. But wow, I never thought it’d be so toasty. Makes for some gorgeous summer days. ūüôā

So, I was going to write about my scripture studies, but just a few minutes before I started this, I read a church blog posting on the front page of So glad I did. It’s called “When You’re Already Tired And Can’t Do One More Thing.”

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What It Really Means To Be A Mother

So what if I’ve not had kids yet? Eve was called a mother before she ever had a child. It runs deeper than bearing children. A whole lot deeper.


So, today I’m going to talk about some things that have crossed my mind recently. I dunno why, but today, I felt my mind called to the subject of mothers.¬†Probably because Andrew comes home in 2 weeks, and once he gets home, we’re gonna start planning our wedding. I’ve waited a long time for that. And, I’ve felt for a while that Heavenly Father wants me to be a mother, too. That’s been…difficult to wrap my head around. But I’ve felt myself warming up to the idea over time.

I had a lot of reasons to not want to be a mom. The thought did cross my mind from time to time, but I never let it take root. If you’ve read my conversion story, then you can probably guess a few reasons why. If nothing else, I was afraid I’d become an abusive parent. Since Heavenly Father freed me of that, it’s been a gradual process – one that He’s been kind enough to let me take at my own pace.

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Charity: My Conversion And Testimony

In light of a powerful lesson on charity, I found myself pondering what it means to love like Christ. My beloved, Andrew, saved my life through his Christlike example. If we have the pure love of Christ in our hearts, we can do the same.

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Today is Andrew’s birthday. It’ll be just a month before he comes home from his mission now. Today’s one of those days when I miss him the most. Especially in light of how hard this week has been. Happy Birthday, Andrew. I miss you.

I decided to wait until after church to write this¬†post. I like to write about what I learned at church. Today, Sacrament Meeting was one of the most powerful I’ve been to in a while. I guess Heavenly Father knew how badly I needed it this week. Charity was the word of the day, and we heard many beautiful talks about the pure love of Christ. One speaker in particular caught my attention – I’m ashamed to admit I don’t remember their name. But it was said that charity – true, Christlike love – is not something we give to the righteous only. It’s something that, like Jesus, we give freely to all. No matter how weak, broken, or wicked.

It struck a cord with me. Hearing that, the rest of the meeting kind of faded away. The rest of that time, I thought about Andrew. Not just because I miss him, but because he’s the one who taught me what¬†it means to be filled with the love of Christ. For those of you who don’t know, Andrew is the one who converted me. The only reason he could¬†do that was because he wasn’t afraid to face my demons. He got right into the ugly of my life,¬†and wasn’t afraid of¬†the crossfire. He saved my life, though he’d never take credit for it. I thought I was beyond even Christ’s help, but he showed me who Christ really is.

As you can probably guess, this is a fairly dark¬†story.¬†If you’re intimidated by learning the grimdark¬†details of one’s very personal life, you might want to click another post. But still, I want to share this story, because¬†it’s¬†in the grimdark details that I learned, firsthand, that Christ really could change¬†anyone. Even someone like me.

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